Nutritional supplements can help you fill in the nutritional gaps in your diet. However, they will work best when you take the proper supplement, and the proper dosage. The staff at Precision Specialty Pharmacy can help you identify the proper supplements you need, in order to help you achieve nutritional balance.

Compounded Alternatives to OTC Supplements

We have the ability to compound alternative versions of many over-the-counter supplements. This is an important viable option when:

  • A specific strength which is necessary is not currently produced
  • An unwanted filler is used in the manufactured version
  • The patient wants to be assured of the potency and contents of the supplement
  • A specific combination is wanted/required which is not commercially available

At Precision Specialty Pharmacy we use only high quality pharmaceutical grade raw materials to make each supplement; and the dosage and delivery of each supplement is tailored to customer specific goals and health needs as prescribed by a physician.

Pharmaceutical Grade Supplements & Vitamins

Our compounding pharmacists have the ability to custom make several different types of medications to treat acne. These medications are custom made to meet your child’s unique needs and can be created in multiple strengths, delivery forms, and consist of multiple ingredients; creating a medication that is effective, well tolerated, and easy to use.